Tipperary Pure Irish Water, the leading Water Cooler company in Ireland, can provide a great tasting, high quality, convenient water cooler for your office. We offer a number of different water coolers to cater for different needs. We provide a nationwide service and would be delighted to discuss your requirements for new and existing coolers.

Our water comes from a valley of The River Suir, in the heart of Tipperary. Our source is found at a depth of one hundred and fifty metres, beneath pure bedded Limestone bedrock deposited over 300million years ago at the foot of the Slievenamon Mountain.

Tipperary Pure Irish Water has been refreshing customers for over a quarter of a century.

From humble beginnings, Tipperary Pure Irish Water has grown to become a major national and international brand whose name is synonymous with quality.

Awards & Quality
We believe that Tipperary Water is the best water you can buy, but don’t take our word for it. Since 1989 we have been awarded 7 International Gold Medals for taste, quality and excellence in blind tasting tests by The British Bottlers Institute.

National Standards Authority of Ireland
In 1994 we were the first water cooler company to receive the National Standards Authority of Ireland’s award for bottled water. This means that we source and bottle our water to Irish and EU standards of excellence.

Our water is made up of minerals to help promote a healthy body. Calcium is essential for healthy bones, muscles and nerves. Magnesium is important for your immune system and sodium is vital for regulating blood pressure.

Composition in mg/l to: Calcium 71, Magnesium 13, Sodium 20, Potassium 1, Bicarbonate 324, Chloride 20, Sulphate 18, Nitrate 14, Total Dissolved Solids 346

pH at Source 7.2