We’re passionate about water here in Tipperary Water, but we’re also passionate about the packaging we supply to you. All of our plastic bottles can be recycled in your recycling bin at home. We have also adopted and funded a waste management programme whereby all recyclable

Plastic Bottles
We have reduced the amount of plastic used in the production of all of our bottles. Our Tipperary Kidz bottle now uses 43% less plastic, The Tipperary Active range uses 26% less plastic and our 1 litre product uses 39% less plastic.

Biodegradable Cups
The revolutionary starch based design of our biodegradable cups allows them to decompose fully in 47 days! Our biodegradable cup is manufactured from corn and creates 20% to 60% less CO2 when compared to the production of normal plastic. They also require 20% to 50% less fossil resource to produce.