It couldn’t be easier to get a Tipperary Pure Irish Water installed in your office thanks to our extensive distribution network.

The delivery of our products is free and fully automated. Our customers do not have to contact us to order our products as each customer's consumption pattern is monitored and deliveries are scheduled based upon each customer’s consumption pattern.

Tipperary Pure Irish Water was the 1st company to receive the National Standards Authority of Ireland's Irish Bottled Water Standard - I.S.432. In compliance with the standard every Tipperary Pure Irish Water cooler must be sanitized on a strict 13 week schedule. Sanitisation may be required on a more frequent basis if coolers are located in manufacturing, industrial or other areas open to the public. This can be arranged in consultation with our service team or your representative.

In 2002 we commissioned our state of the art, Bardi, automated bottling facility. It was the first of its kind in Ireland and Europe and has the capacity to fill 1,000 19lt bottles per hour. That’s 40,000 bottles per week! Tipperary Pure Irish Water is closely monitored under our quality plan which ensures that quality checks, inspections and tests are carried out at all stages of the bottling process.

Health & Safety - Bottle Lifting Instructions
Each of our 19lt & 11lt bottle labels contains lifting instructions. Our label was awarded the prestigious "Best Cooler Bottle Label" award at the European Bottled Water Association Aqua Awards.