• Can Water Coolers make you sick?
    Our Water Coolers will not make you sick. For best use of our Coolers, please follow our instructions on storing your water prior to using it.
  • Can Water coolers leak?
    The cooler iteelf will not leak. On the rare occasion the drum of water may leak, if it does please call our Freephone number 1800 49 28 37
  • Can you recycle water coolers?
    We’re passionate about water here in Tipperary Water, but we’re also passionate about the packaging we supply to you. All of our plastic bottles can be recycled in your recycling bin at home. We have also adopted and funded a waste management programme whereby we recycle all our water cooler drums.
  • Can bacteria grow in water coolers?
    If left in direct sunlight, bacteria can grow in the water which is not harmful but can look unpleasant. To avoid this please follow our instruction on storing your water drums. If you have any questions please call our Freephone number 1800 49 28 37
  • Which water cooler is best?
    All of our Coolers are of the highest quality and standard. The look and feel of each water cooler differes, to give customers choice in which they prefer to hav ein their office. 
  • What water cooler is best?
    Here at Tipperary Pure Irish Water all of our coolers are of execellent standard, it just comes down to preference of the company
  • What are water coolers?
    A water cooler or water dispenser is a device that cools and dispenses water. They are generally broken up in two categories: filtered and bottled water coolers.
  • When to clean Water coolers?
    We carry out a sanitory service call every 13 weeks which cleans the cooler to ensure the cooler is in working order. 
  • Why is a water cooler leaking?
    There are some ways in which a cooler can leak such as a loose tap. If your water cooler is leaking please call our Freephone number 1800 49 28 37
  • How much do water coolers cost?
    We supply our water coolers free of charge when ordering water from Tipperary Pure Irish Water
  • How safe are water coolers?
    Water Coolers are very safe
  • Are water coolers healthy?
    Drinking water helps you stay healthy and is recommended you drink 2 - 3 litres a day. Drinking more water isn't just better for the individual, it's better for your business too, as being fully hydrated improves alertness, brain functions and energy levels. Keeping your employees healthy and hydrated improves productivity and reduces sickness levels.
  • Are water coolers quieter?
    There is very little noise from our coolers.
  • Are Water coolers worth it?
    Ordering Tipperary Water Coolers is hassle free and will help keep employees hydrated and alert. 

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